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13 Aug 2012 : Cracking win!
Old Sectonians a re a nice bunch of blokes and whe they won the toss and asked us to bat I was pretty made up as I did not fancy us fielding in that heat.

So started a cricket match with more ups and downs than Victoria Pendleton at the Olympic games!
Ball 1 - Sam hits a single
Ball 2 - Jack hits a four
Ball 3 - Jack nicks off and is out
Ball 4 - Mark Rynn nicks of and is out
Ball 5 - Hat trick ball and I play it safely to backward square leg only to look up and see Sam charging like a mad rhino calling run. It was suicidal and so 3 wickets in 3 balls.
Ball 6 - Safely played by Alan in his best defensive pose!
So 1 over in and we are 5 for 3!!! Did we panic? were we worried? did we expect to be home in time for the 4.00pm news headliines? Yes to all three but I went into "they shall not pass mode" while the dancing cavalier Hodgson at least got the inning goings with a brusque 36 at which point he was bowled by a slow full bunger with the score on 59.
Flash game and went for 7, undone by a good slower ball and Laurie game in defending stoutly in a 28 run partnership till he misjudged the length and line was LBW sweeping for 9.
I was beginning to see the ball by now but they brought on their secret weapon. A genuine quick who was happy to bang it and I have the brusies to prove it! So with a good spinner on at one end and a genuine fast bowler on at the other and us still not on 100 it was a challenge. Gus was undone by a good off break but Malcolm dug in and we put on another 27 before he was also cleaned up for 7 runs. Score now 126.
Don't care how quick this geezer is, it's time to tee off thinks I! In his last 3 over he was smote for 33 runs including one of the biggest 6's I can ever remember hitting down the ground. Colin and I put on 33 before he was cleaned up and then I nicked one behind and was out for 86 to leave Paul high and dry with us all out for 159. A good recovery from 5 for 3 but we still reckoned it was 30 runs short of a decent score.

Flash was carted for 4 first ball of his spell and which woke him up a bit and my first ball was so wide there was not a keeper on the planet who could have stopped it but then we both found a bit of rhythm and eventually made some breakthroughs getting rid of both openers with the score on 22. The game then went flat, they were accumulating but we did look like taking wickets without it quite happening.
I decided it was time for Alan's introduction and this turned out to be a very good move, wickets in overs 1, 2 4 and 5 and with Sam replacing Tony and bowling his own brand of swingy medium pacers he picked up a wicket in each of his first 2 overs also. They had lost 6 wickets for just 32 runs in 8 overs.

With one wicket needed as they only 10 men we were frustrated for a while till Alan produced a slow straight one and the guy was plum LBW and the game was ours. Alan took 5 for 30 and Sam 2 for 18. The fielding was mostly good, a few blemishes but who cares we won!

The cock hat was awarded to Colin for losing a straight foot race in the field to Gus (yes really and it happened twice)!

Well done all for sticking at it and it goes down as a serious get out of jail match and just goes to show what can happen if you don't just give it away even when you start as badly as we did! 

14 Jul 2012 : Summer at Coopersale!
Summer at Coopersale!We might need to think of a new sport to play at Coopersale.

Any suggestions please post!

13 Jul 2012 : This Sunday
I have just visited the Coopersale sub-aqua cricket club! You can hear water running just under the surface of the outfield and several large pools in front of the clubhouse and elsewhere! If the sun comes out and stays out, we may play on Sunday but preparing a pitch will be a total lottery. Any more rain and I think this weekend is also history!

26 Jun 2012 : Coopersale vs Foresters

The One that Got Away

Have lost the toss and been put into the field on Sunday we got off to the best possible start.

Foresters were 5 for 5 with 3 wickets for Graham and 2 for Tony. Foresters rallied with Wardy and Capewell until the former was caught off one of our 3 debutants –Sam Mayes. They did continue to fight though and with Capewell’s well made 59 and some other tail-wagging they made it up to 142.

Graham, finishing with 5-14 and Tony on 2-29.

Our batting got off to a really poor start as well! We were 8 for 2, 20 for 3 and then 30 for 5. Harry was watching the carnage from one end while batting nice and sensibly and when joined by Graham, started to steady the ship. An injudicious shot from Graham saw him spoon a catch to cover with the score on 68 and then Harry went for 64 in a similar fashion with the score on 86. Still a long way to go but a very mature partnership between Fraser and Malcolm started edging us near to the required total. Calamitously, Malcolm played on with the score on 129, Colin was stumped and finally Fraser was stone dead LBW all in quick succession.

The game was up and we’d lost by just 13 runs.

It was a ludicrously up and down game and we really should not have thrown it away but we are lacking match practise so next time we will improve.

24 Jun 2012 : Another washout!
Another Sunday and another washed out game! We don't call the games off lightly guys but with water coming up around your shoes at 10.00am there was no prospect of being able to play. Now looking out of the window at 7.00pm at a cloudless sky and cursing the stupid English Summer weather.

Anyway, next week we have the Woodcutters, they are our longest standing fixture going back about 70 years and no I did not play in the first one!!! Please let us have your availabilty - yes or no as soon as possible please and we hope and pray that summer kicks in this week!


10 Jun 2012 : Next Sunday
Another disappointing weekend with no game and it was a really nice day too - well compared to the last few weekends anyway.

We are at home against probably our toughest adversaries (Epping Foresters) next Sunday.

Please put up your availability asap so we can pick the team. If you can't do it on the website text me or Mark or put it on the Facebook page.

Also, we need to get 2 wickets out for next week too so a little help in the week please.......


03 Jun 2012 : Rained Off- Yet again
Todays game is off due to this rubbish weather.

So Neil had an idea...........

Coopersale CC Jubilee celebration from 2.30 today instead of playing cricket due to rain! Let us know by 12.00 if you can make it. So far we have Neil, Graham and Colin plus families.....

We will open the bar, everyone should bring something to eat and we can watch the flotilla on TV and organize some games for the kids.


28 May 2012 : Next weekend.................
Hi Guys,
Epping are at our ground on Saturday so we do need someone to clear up the clubhouse before Saturday. Also, there will be some work to do on the ground before they can use it, anyone about?
And don't forget to put up your availability for the next match which is away at Theydon Bois.....


21 May 2012 : This Sunday - Looks like a game is on
Hi Guys,

Weather finally seems set fair for us to start our season!

Tony and I are picking up the gangs tomorrow and we still need volunteers to work up the ground to get it ready for ourselves and for Epping on Saturday!

Please send Mark Hill your availability if youy have not already done so.Unfortunately, I am unavailable this weekend which is personally frustrating having waited so long for a game.

We will be have one more net at Chingford on Wednesday at 9.00pm, hope to see you there.

All the besyt

21 May 2012 : Let the Games BEGIN!!!!
Good evening Gentlemen!!

Well, it looks like our season will begin this weekend. Hopefully!! I will be up at the club Friday lunchtime if anyone would like to join me, to tidy up and have a go at doing whatever i can to the square.

On a personal note, I am thrilled to be skipper again but recognise that when we go onto the field, we are a team of 11, and know that we can all have a great season if we all support each other. So far, some of you have been outstanding in trying to get the club ready, so a big thank you from me for all your efforts. But we must help Graham out as much as we can, so whenever you are free I am sure he can find any of us something to do. From my point of view, the more help he gets the more chance we have of keeping him fit for the season!!! ( Have you seen some of his Facebook status's lol).

So, onwards and upwards gentlemen. And Good Luck for the season!!!


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